Telemedicine Services

Patients with scheduled appointments at our clinic will be given the opportunity to be seen at their regularly scheduled visit with our providers via telemedicine. We will be contacting patients via phone to inform you of these temporary options available to you. We understand that this may cause a disruption to your already scheduled appointments and appreciate your understanding in advance. Please see the listed services we will continue to provide via our telemedicine service

The following are common treatable conditions through telemedicine:

  • Common Female Conditions including Bladder (UTI) or Yeast Infections
  • Stomach problems including Nausea, Vomiting, Heartburn, Diarrhea and/or Constipation
  • Skin Conditions including Acne, Eczema, Insect bites, Rashes, Cellulitis, Shingles and more
  • Minor Injuries or Pain
  • Medication Refills
  • Mental Health / Counseling
  • Blood Pressure Rechecks
  • Diabetic Rechecks
  • Review of lab results
  • Smoking Cessation
How can the doctor diagnose me without doing a physical exam?

Your doctor actually doesn’t need to do a physical exam to diagnose and treat many conditions. That’s because knowing your medical history is considered “90% of the evaluation” when combined with the doctor-patient interaction. How you’re feeling can be just as important to your doctor as the results of a physical exam.

How do I sign-up?

The sign-up process is as simple as calling The Health Center @ McKenny at 313-279-6100 to obtain a timeslot with our provider.

When can I do a telemedicine visit with my doctor?

The Health Center @ McKenny will be offering telemedicine Monday through Friday 9:00 am through 5:00 pm. You can call ahead and schedule an appointment or you may be able to call and obtain a telemedicine “walk-in” appointment where you will be seen after you complete the simple check-in/sdcreening process.

Will I be seeing my own doctor or someone I don't know?

You will be doing a telemedicine visit with your own doctor/nurse practitioner from The Health Center @ McKenny.

Can I get a prescription filled from the visit?

Yes! As long as your diagnosis doesn’t require further in-person examination, your doctor/nurse practitioner can simply electronically prescribe your medication and send it directly to the nearest pharmacy of your choice.

Will my insurance cover the visit?

Effective March 6, 2020 and for the duration of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Medicare, Medicaid and Medicaid HMO plans will allow telemedicine services for all individuals through April 30, 2020 this includes the coverage of all co-pays.